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Customized Solution Development

Stratonik offers customized solutions where we build necessary functionalities which will be designed, planned & developed as per your needs. It will be optimized, and will be efficient and has all the necessary functionalities & features.We ensure to create a perfect solution which matches your business exact needs.

Progressive Web App

We make the web applications using the emerging API & also with the traditional progressive enhancement strategies. This will help us to create a user-friendly application across all platforms and the network will be secured.

Enterprise Ecommerce Solutions

To find a platform to sell your services & products online we will create a software that allows your business to sell products and services online and also help you size and grow your business.

The range of E-Commerce solutions is vast & with new & traditional solutions we design, create & help you to operate the World Wide Web by your finger tips.

Smart Device Integrations

If you wish to create some smart device application which can help you to run through all the devices then you have arrived to the best place. Our experts will ensure to build the best where you can communicate & unleash multiple possibilities.

Augmented Reality/ Virutal Reality Development

Augmented Reality is one of the most impressive & growing technologies right now. If you wish to create an interactive experience of a real world environment which will be enhanced by computer generated perpetual information. Stratonik with seamless experience in virtual reality completely replaces the user's real world environment to a simulated one. Our experts design, create all the components and bled the user's real world experience into a virtual reality where the users can test the services and products through a simulated environment.

Industry 4.0

Being in the 21st century many of you desire to have an revolution in the way you live and work. Then Industry 4.0 is the best smart technology you will get. We focus heavily on internet connectivity, automation, machine learning and real time data through Industry 4.0. This has the potential to improve the efficiency and encourage innovation on a massive scale. Stratonik delivers you the best, smart and advanced technology which will make your business go a step higher in the new era of technological revolution.

Data Science and Deep Learning

Stratonik believes that deep learning has the potential to become the backbone of artificial intelligence. Stratonik provides you with the best of machine learning algorithms which will assist you in search of data sciences.

We know what it takes to deliver value for your business. Leveraging the trends in data sciences we help you to churn through petabytes of data to transfer information into knowledge resulting in higher revenue generation. We seek to create a lasting partnership with our customers by delivering value for money.